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Recently I’ve found the post with the instructions how to get prices of crypto currencies from
After cloning proposed spreadsheet instead of the price it begun to show errors:

Exploring the code a little I understood, that this happens because of popularity of the published spreadsheet. Many people made a copy of it and start tracking crypto currencies from coingecko. But not many people knows that all requests are go from one block of ip and coingecko has limits on quanitity of requests per seconds from one ip. That’s why many of users faced with the error.

I’ve implemented my own tool with different approach – it uses persistent request engine (upto 20 attempts) and updates list of the currencies on the ‘shortlist’ tab every 15 minutes. In order to make it work you have to copy this tool and run Menu->More actions->Install triggers or ‘Refresh manually’ if you need very fresh prices. Symbols for currency could be found on ‘list’ tab.


UPDATE 2021-10-29

I received a lot of requests about the issue with the currencies with similar symbols. Well, I’ve changed code a little and now you have to pick and place desired ids to the shortlist. Symbols will appear automatically.

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2 thoughts on “Crypto currency rates tracker for”

  1. Hi, this is a great tool. I have a question on duplicate symbol eg. Anchor protocol’s symbol is anc but there are also others with anc. How do I deal with that?

  2. Yes would love to see how to work with this when there are multiple tokens with the same symbol. Using ONE brings up a different token other than Harmony.

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